Eccleshall Biomass
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Sustainable Energy for the Future

The power plant is designed to ensure there will be no additional noise nuisance above existing background noise during its 24 hour operation.

The power plant with its turbine and generator, large fans and pumps is within an acoustically designed building, for noise control. This is extended to provide a large fuel storage bunker with all deliveries being made within the building.

Emissions have been voluntarily set to a higher standard than the regulatory requirements for air quality and performance is monitored by Stafford Borough Council.

The plant saves 1 tonne per hour of CO2 which would be emitted generating electricity from fossil fuel.

Residues from the plant will be recycled.

Fuel is sourced as close to the plant as possible, in order to reduce transport miles.

There will be typically a maximum of 8 vehicle movements per day into the Plant which represents a less than 1% increase in traffic onto the Raleigh Hall Industrial Estate.
Environmental screening of Power Plant
Environmental screening of Power Plant.