Eccleshall Biomass has pioneered development of one of the first dedicated bio-energy power plants in the UK.

At the centre of this groundbreaking project is a 2.6 megawatt generator, fuelled by the energy crop “miscanthus”, other energy crops and clean wood chip.

The plant generates enough electricity to run 2,600 homes equivalent to the local town of Eccleshall making it one of the first carbon neutral towns in the country. It is also supporting the rural economy by creating local jobs and providing the opportunity for farms to diversify into energy crops.

The plant generates electricity using steam turbine technology. It will contribute 20,000 mega watt hours of renewable energy direct to the network.

Eccleshall Biomass generates power using renewable biomass fuels. Using biomass reduces reliance on fossil fuels which in turn helps lower carbon emissions.

Wood Chip

The wood fuel used by Eccleshall Biomass is clean wood chip principally sourced from forestry and arboricultural.

More information about biomass fuel can be found on the Biomass Energy Centre web site.